What is Bering ?

Bering is an autonomous marking and pre-marking robot for tracing purposes.

Building work

Sports fields


How does Bering work ?

1. Connect to your robot

Stay connected to your robot through the Conscience Connect application, available on mobile, tablet, or computer.

The application comes with the robot and is compatible with all operating systems.

2. Bering gives you the choice


Use your favorite extensions and tools, Bering adapts (DXF, GEOJSON, NXZCODE…).


  • Draw lines
  • Draw complex polygons
  • Draw circles
  • Easily compose and edit your layouts
  • Configure the discontinuity of your tracks
  • Set up a sequence of points


Thanks to our predefined templates, place your points and let Bering do the tracing.

3. Trace

With just one click, start, pause, or resume the tracing of your projects.

The Conscience Connect space provides real-time access to the progress of your markings.

Bering: for easy, fast, and accurate tracing!

What are the benefits ?

Save time

With a speed of 3 km/h, a 4-liter tank capacity, and a 4 hour and 30 minute autonomy, the BERING robot is capable of pre-marking a distance of 300 meters in less than 10 minutes.

Improve your yields

Using the BERING robot reduces the number of personnel required for marking. This allows you to undertake multiple projects while maintaining the same workforce.

Control your costs

Take control of your costs with BERING by calculating the volume of paint to use, the distance to travel, and the duration of your marking. Your estimates have never been more accurate!

Gain in confort and security

Your operators will be able to remotely supervise the quality of BERING’s work. Thus, BERING ensures your safety on high-risk construction sites (roads, construction) and provides a comfortable working environment to prevent musculoskeletal disorders.

Multiple uses for a single robot

The Bering robot adapts to your projects

The pre-marking thread module utilizes a solenoid valve to release a thread of paint from a reservoir. The result is a thin line of paint less than one centimeter wide.

This module is highly useful for creating a guide for road and industrial marking.

pre-marking module

marking type

Fine line

Track width

Less than a centimetre

Consumable type

Liquid paint


4 Liters


Building and civil engineering, roadworks

The aerosol module uses a standard pressurized canister to perform temporary markings. The canister is activated by a servo-motor mechanism located under the robot.

This module is particularly useful for creating temporary markings for airports, construction sites, public works, or market delineations.

Spray  module

Marking type

Temporary / semi-temporary marking

Track width

From 2cm to 4cm

Consumable type



Depends on the cylinder model used


Temporary marking, airports, public works

The high-pressure module utilizes an air compressor to create an overpressure for ejecting a high-speed mixture of air and paint.

This module is perfect for marking sports fields and logos.

High pressure module

Marking type


Track width

From 5cm to 15cm

Consumable type

Liquid paint


3-litre tank


Sports fields, logos

Always up to date

Your robot can evolve

Continuous updates and new features to come.