What is Care ?


Care is a device for detecting hazardous situations.

Retirement home

How does it works ?

A robot for everyone
Conscience Care provides safety, well-being and autonomy.

Conscience Care provides a high-quality service to take care of vulnerable individuals, ensuring their safety, well-being, and enhancing their autonomy. Through its environment and artificial intelligence, Conscience delivers an intelligent and privacy-conscious service.

A complete system for healthcare facilities
The Conscience Care device:

-Detects any abnormal situation: a fall, an abnormal absence or a long period of isolation

-Sends an immediate alert to the family or caregivers geolocated near the patient via an automatic phone call

As patient privacy is one of our core concerns, our artificial intelligence is the only one with access to the video stream.

Conscience Care is well suited to retirement homes or hospitals.

What are the benefits ?

Easily install Care

Care has been designed for easy installation, on a TV for example. So you can install, move and reinstall the camera yourself, quickly and easily. All you need is a power supply.

Respect private life

Our AI is the only one with access to the detection images. This ensures the privacy of the patients is preserved through this system.

Alert doctors quickly

In the event of a detected hazardous situation, Care instantly alerts nearby geolocated doctors annd families. This enables quick and efficient response and intervention.