What is Conscience OS ?

A turnkey system developed by Conscience Robotics that can be installed on any type of robot, enabling it to become autonomous.

1. User interface

Conscience Connect provides a user interface

From any smartphone, tablet, or laptop, the user has access to ‘Conscience Connect’ to connect to their robots.

This way, you can easily control your robot remotely.

Connect to your robot now via Conscience Connect!

2. Artificial intelligence

Conscience OS is an artificial intelligence adapted to any type of robot

Robots using Conscience OS are able to :

-Learn to move according to their physics (biped, quadripod, wheel, caterpillar, propeller) and do so autonomously, avoiding obstacles and following an optimal path.

-Detect the content of its environment and share it in real time with other robots working in the same scene

-Interact with its environment in an autonomous and optimized way, such as picking up an object and moving it, combining several objects or using tools.

An intelligent system for intelligent robots!

3. Hardware

Conscience Box provides a hardware interface

Conscience provides a hardware interface that allows easy integration with any third-party robot.

Sensory sensors (gyroscopes, lidars, cameras) and actuators (motors, wheels, propellers) can be easily connected and configured.

The robot can then utilize the user interface and artificial intelligence.

What benefits do you gain ?

Connect your robots

With Conscience OS, connect your robots together and enhance their capabilities through the sharing of their experiences. 

Improve your yields 

By empowering your robots, make your production more efficient and faster at lower costs.

Improve your robots

With Conscience Robotics and its Conscience Store, teach new skills to your robots based on their characteristics.