What is Median ?

Median is a medical teleconsultation robot designed to improve your medical processes.

Medical monitoring of patients

Medical deserts

Emergency consultations

How does Median work ?

1. Place the robot in your establishment 

Connect to your robot using the Conscience Connect application, available on mobile, tablet, or computer.

Enter your code to unlock Median and use it according to your needs.

2. Call an available doctor from the robot


Use our interface to choose the practitioner you want.


The practitioner receives a notification on his/her mobile phone.


Once accepted, the connection is established automatically.

The teleconsultion robot Median in action

3. Easy navigation and remote monitoring

From your tablet or phone, control Median to communicate with your patient and establish a diagnosis.

For greater precision, use the camera at the end of the arm.

Now, distance is no longer a barrier to healthcare!

4. Simple and efficient prescription transmission

Median simplifies the prescription transmission

Thanks to the connected printer, you can print your prescriptions and consultation reports with just a few clicks.

It’s simple, fast, and efficient!

What benefits do you gain?

Reducing hospital overcrowding

Thanks to its ease of use and connection speed, you can speed up waiting room processing and reduce waiting room saturation.

Increasing access to healthcare for all

Conscience provides access to healthcare for all through the Median robot, including underserved areas, where now qualified doctors can be readily available without the need for physical travel.

Reducing pressure on doctors

When a notification is received, the doctor can carry out the consultation directly from his position, without having to travel.

With Median, a surgeon on call, for example, can remotely assess the severity of a wound using a simple tablet and determine whether emergency surgery is necessary or not. Similarly, a practitioner who works across multiple healthcare facilities can conduct post-operative follow-ups without requiring patients to travel long distances, depending on the case. Their only requirement would be to visit a healthcare center equipped with Median.… ”

Dr. Francis Faroy, vascular surgeon and Chairman of the Medical Committee at the Saint-Martin private hospital in Caen, where Median has just entered the test phase.