À Caen, le robot soigne en direct à la clinique (ouest-france.fr)

Conscience has made an experimentation of Median, its telemedecine robot, at the Saint-Martin Clinic. The hospital is optimistic about its future with the arrival of Median, which will revolutionize their operations and transform it into a “3.0 hospital.”

Conscience Robotics appeared in Ouest France on September 22, 2022. The experimentation of the teleconsultation robot, Median, at the Saint-Martin Clinic in Caen, has shown promising results. Median holds the promise of alleviating clinic congestion and reducing the travel of doctors and patients, resulting in time and efficiency gains. Conscience Robotics is set to revolutionize this clinic, turning it into a “3.0 hospital” at the forefront of technology.

Discover ou robot : Median – Conscience Robotics (conscience-robotics.com)